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The Ephemeral Stringband draws from several branches of traditional American music including Oldtime Stringband music, Early country and bluegrass and Shape Note sacred hymns. They combine skillful playing of instruments with close harmony singing, creating a sound grounded in the past, while creating new material to add to the living tradition of American music. 


Molly Merrett, Maggie Shar, and Tim Dolan make up the core of The Ephemeral Stringband and have been growing together as musicians for many years.   When the stars align, and they often do for this band, The Stringband expands to include talented and ephemeral musicans who pass through the Pioneer Valley. In 2016 Molly, Maggie and Tim are pleased to welcome accomplished fiddler, Mia Friedman to the cast of Ephemerals.  Whether an intimate acoustic trio or a full honkin' band,  The Ephemeral Stringband can be found playing in Western Massachusetts at farmers markets, square dances, bars,  cafes, music halls,  weddings, private parties, and events.

" Where so many artists fall short with over production and too much modern fused in to what they consider a “throwback sound”, The Ephemeral Stringband succeeds in keeping their sound 100 % old timey and because of it, this album refreshingly feels more like a lost album from the past than something released today."
~One Stop Country

Molly Merrett

Maggie Shar

Tim Dolan

Mia Friedman

Lastest Album Featuring

Tatiana Hargreaves

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